Funding Criteria

Grants are awarded for charitable work overseas, not in the UK.  In general only charitable work that has been brought forward by the trustees will be considered.  However providing you meet all our criteria you are welcome to make a once-only submission through our website to bring yourselves to our attention.  Most of our grants go to, or through, charities with whom we are already familiar and much of Just Trust’s grant budget may be already earmarked for existing projects.  Trustees meet on an ad hoc basis but at least twice yearly.  However procedures are in place for grants to be awarded at other times.

We do not respond to appeals from large established charities or to emergency appeals; and we are unlikely to make grants to any charities with significant UK staff costs, fundraising costs (especially payments to fundraisers either direct, or by way of commission/fees) or other UK overheads.  Moreover we never fund charities whose charitable activities include any religious proselytising.  No grants are made to individuals and we never fund activities such as travel, volunteers working abroad, study trips, expeditions etc.

Grants will only be given to bodies that are themselves UK registered charities. If you are a newly registered charity, please do not apply until you have submitted your first set of accounts.  If you are an overseas organisation and not a UK registered charity, you must enter into a formal agreement with a UK registered charity that has agreed to act as your partner charity and you must ask the UK charity to approach us.

Preference will be given to small, tightly run charities with low overheads, which are involved in work aimed to produce lasting change; we give some grants to projects that try to tackle root causes and promote strategic change; other grants focus on projects which encourage communities to develop for themselves lasting improvements to their situations.   The Trust may support core funding for limited periods of time and may consider recurrent grants.

Most of the charities we support:
– are small (income less than 100K)
– are run mainly by volunteers and have no paid staff in the UK
– spend very little on fundraising and do not use professional fundraisers
– work only in one country/region
– do not send out short term volunteers or volunteers without relevant skills and experience